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Custom Upright and Grand Piano covers made to measure or to model specifications

We can make custom covers for protection or transportation of upright and grand pianos upon short notice. Covers can be made in a wide variety of materials and designs. We would be happy to send you our material swatches.

All cover information is available here: Cover.pdf

The covers are produced according to your specifications of piano model, or measurements or paper patterns.

Choose from our selection of materials:
  • black imitation leather, with a felt layer on the lining
  • imitation leather with sewn in felt lining, in a variety of colour combinations
  • black cloth, a very light weight
  • black polyamide fabric, with foam padding, with felt sewn in
  • canvas with sewn in felt lining, in a variety of colours
  • extra strong canvas, water resistant
  • diverse lining materials

The different materials and styles are explained below:
Material samples.pdf    piano_cover_information.pdf

We have the dimensions and measurements for a large number of piano models on file. Please consult the list of models for upright pianos and grand pianos below.
upright_piano_cover_models.pdf    grand_piano_cover_models.pdf

You will find the price list for covers under the main menu heading Price lists.

Further, we can supply covers according to customers’ unique specifications and special requests, as well as covers for other instruments.
upright-piano-measuring-sheet.pdf    grand_piano_measuring_sheet.pdf

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We will gladly consult with you and provide a quote.

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