Bass strings made from sample or measurements

Manufacturing and calculating of custom made bass strings and manufacturing of replacement bass strings

We calculate and manufacture custom made strings of the highest quality.

Custom made bass strings:
We can produce your strings for modern and historical instruments based on a sample, dimension sheet, or impression on a sheet of paper.

In order to have your strings made based on a dimension sheet please use our dimension sheets and our tape measure.

Measuring form A : for single strings: en_massblatt_a.pdf
Measuring form B : for complete bass string sets: en_massblatt_b.pdf
Measuring form C : for complete string sets (plain and wound): en_massblatt_c.pdf

In the future, you will also be able to enter your specifications/measurements online.

We use the following wires:
Core wire:

  • RÖSLAU wire
  • PAULELLO wire
  • PURE SOUND wire
  • Brass wire
  • Iron wire
  • Phosphorus-bronze wire
Winding wire:
  • DEGEN copper winding wire
  • Brass winding wire
  • Iron winding wire

Calculating strings
In accordance with your wishes, we will calculate and optimise your bass string sets for you. We are happy to advise you in choosing the right core gauge, especially with historical instruments.

You will find the price list for bass string calculations and manufacturing under the main menu heading PRICE LISTS.

Replacement bass strings
For quick replacement on the road we recommend our on hexagon steel wire spun replacement bass strings, ranging in diameter between 1,1 - 5,5 mm, and the sets of 46 strings. These can be ordered in this shop, on the next page.

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